We are committed to creating a relationship-focused career management company that you will enjoy working with for many years to come.

As a recruitment organisation we obviously want you, the employee, to feel you are gaining access to the best work at the best rate on terms that suit your lifestyle. However, we want to offer more than that are have developed innovative propositions to reflect the demands and requirements of modern GPs.

For example, we are encouraging Practices to develop more school-friendly session times, provide CPD support and we see locums being a significant part of future primary healthcare at scale, in projects such as extended hours and integrated multi-specialty services.

We hope you appreciate the innovative thinking behind our company; we are certainly very excited about the future.

If you would like to speak to us about anything at all, please call:

Nick Crannigan on 07813 024343

or email Nick at nick.crannigan@primary-source.net